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Survey of 8,700 top end South Africans earning more than R100,000 per month

The Top End study is the largest and most comprehensive research project ever carried out among South Africa’s wealthiest people. The study took a year to complete and involved more than 8000 respondents in massive qualitative and quantitative research.

Top-end consumers were responsible for nearly 70% of all spending power in 2011 and yet they were notoriously difficult to reach. The UCT Unilever Institute partnered with Ramsay Media Research, who had produced a study entitled Cream, to produce groundbreaking research on this sector. The aim was to extend Ramsay Media’s existing sample of 8700 top-end South Africans, including 800 individuals earning more than R100 000 per month, to build an accurate and reliable picture of people earning in the region of R30 000 per month.

With an estimated annual spend of over R300 billion, this group is of vital importance to the health of South Africa’s economy and marketers cannot ignore their influence.

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