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The Majority Report 1


The UCT Unilever Institute’s latest research shatters longstanding misconceptions about the 21 million South African adults living on less than R5,000 per month.

The Majority Report is a comprehensive cross-disciplinary study which takes an in depth look at the drivers that influence the majority market, showing that marketers are generally failing to connect with this vitally important segment.

The report will help you steer your brand towards its optimal potential by:

  • illustrating how many marketers continue to employ out-dated strategies
  • demonstrating that this market presents vast potential for marketers who are willing to rethink their marketing strategies
  • explaining how households manage to survive despite huge income constraints
  • bringing you up-to-speed with the complex dynamics that are shaping this market
  • shedding light on the socio-economic forces that make these consumers so different to their counterparts in the developing world
  • providing fresh insight into the daily lives and consumption patterns of this segment
  • addressing waning brand loyalty and suggesting ways of turning it around
  • introducing new approaches to improving brand penetration and regaining brand ownership
  • offering valuable guidelines on how best to connect with this segment.

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