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Connecting with Black Diamonds (2006)

Connecting with Black Diamonds

This study investigates how marketers can connect with Black Diamonds in a way that is meaningful, respectful and effective.

It identifies six principles and explores them in detail, accompanied by practical insights to help marketers make sense of this increasingly important part of the marketplace. It also raises issues concerning respect, understanding, representation and sensitivity.

The UCT Unilever Institute’s first study on this topic, Black Diamond 1, looked at the market’s size and value and uncovered its demographic, attitudinal and spending patterns. Connecting with Black Diamonds is a follow-up study, conducted to help marketers find more effective ways of appealing to this market. It was born out of concern that many marketers were missing the mark, especially when Black Diamond 1 found that over 65% of this group felt that many advertisements show black consumers in a poor light.

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