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Black Diamond Women

1.5 million Black Diamond Women

The Black Diamond group to watch out for with more influence, spending power and growth than any other. Opportunities that have been created for black women have led to a better educated and more entrepreneurial group of women creating a better future for themselves and their children.

There are 1.5 million Black Diamond Women who spend an average of R120 billion per annum (41% of total SA female spend). This market has increase by 15% since 2007. 89% of Black Diamond Women make the day to day purchasing decisions, while 69% make the final decision over the big purchases in their home. More than two thirds decide on the important issues regarding kids. Black Diamond Women are also highly influential, with 96% of Black Diamond Women as igniters (compared to an SA average of 23%). 97% are optimists making it happen, and 63% consider themselves well adjusted, fit and healthy (these figures are much higher than both total Black and white figures)

What makes Black Diamond Women different?
Black Diamond Women are different to other South African Women and Black Diamond men for many reasons. This is due to the historical context of many, as they have come from a history of tripartite oppression (that is oppression by the government, their culture and their economic circumstances). Yet, they have been the head of the household in many situations. The last decade has also brought about huge opportunity and change for this sector of South African society especially, with women now being afforded all the rights of men. This speed of change has resulted in highly fragmented and polarised attitudes. As a result, 80% of Black Diamond Women believe that the future success of South Africa will be due to the efforts of women and 82% feel that women will achieve much more than men in their generation

Key complexities and conflicts
Black Diamond Women are faced with many challenges as they attempt to make their mark on the world. These key issues have been broken down into: Men, money, family and self-determination. All of these factors are underpinned by culture, the one constant in all of their lives.

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