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The UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing was established out of recognition that the rapidly changing South African consumer market is unique, bearing only a limited resemblance to consumer behaviour in the rest of the world. Our primary objective is to develop South African specific marketing theory, which can be used for teaching purposes and academic research. However, the Institute also prides itself on producing groundbreaking consumer research that is used by leading companies and organisations to inform strategy.

The membership fee of R18,000 per annum contributes directly to ongoing research that is made available first and foremost to members at preferential rates along with the following benefits:

1. UCT Unilever Institute research library, which includes all past research material including:

•    Aspirations: Presentation with video material
•    Landscape 2017 – desk research tool
•    Majority Reports 1 & 2 – these studies focus on individuals living in households earning less than R6,000 per month
•    4 Million and Rising (SA’s New Black Middle Class)
  *all projects include video material

2. African Lions – the sub-Saharan middle class
(all presentation materials and video)

3. Marketing in South Africa case book
4. Re-Imagine Marketing in SA – Innovation in marketing in SA DVD
5. Forerunners, 2011 – A documentary on South Africa’s new middle class
6. 25% discount on all Institute events and workshops
7. All research materials generated in 2018, including Landscape 2018