In addition to the general UCT application (which must be submitted to the central Admissions Office), applicants must submit a portfolio of their work to the Michaelis School of Fine Art. A portfolio should consist of at least 10 pieces of work (either originals or good colour photographs) that show evidence of observational skill and creative engagement. Additional information, and advice on preparing the portfolio, are available by contacting the School, or visiting the Apply page on the Michealis School of Fine Art website. The selection panel grades and ranks the portfolios and makes a recommendation to the Faculty. The Faculty of Humanities Undergraduate Office matches the portfolio recommendation with the FPS and NBT scores – applicants must have an acceptable FPS score, NBT score and portfolio recommendation to be made an offer. As long as the FPS score is above the cut off, the portfolio recommendation is the leading indicator.

Portfolios for BAFA can still be submitted until 29 September, when UCT Applications close