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KJB Induction Dinner – 21 February 2018

 “Your network is your power. Use it, nurture it, and pay it forward!” Nwabisa Mayema, KJB Guest Speaker and Founder of Nnfinity.

Centre for Extra Mural Studies (EMS)

About the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies (EMS)

The mission of the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies (EMS) is to contribute to the University's social responsiveness by supporting student success and by making the academic and knowledge resources of the University accessible to a wider range of participants. EMS provides a range of courses and learning opportunities for the general public, participants from commerce and industry, government departments, NGOs and local and overseas university students.

Academic Development Programme (ADP)

The Academic Development Programme has its roots in the Academic Support Programme which during the 1980s facilitated access and offered academic and psychosocial support to students entering UCT despite repressive Apartheid legislation. An important belief underpinning the work of ADP through the decades has been that students experience difficulties at university not because they themselves are deficient, but because of major structural problems and inequalities that persist in South African educational systems and society at large.

Yousef Ghorbani

PhD Project title
Characterization of chemical and biological leaching from large particles
(Supervisors: Assoc Prof J Petersen, Assoc Prof A Mainza, Dr M Becker, Prof J-P Franzidis)
Graduated: 2012

Tapiwa Chimbganda

MSc (Eng) Project title
An integrated approach for mitigating the acid rock drainage (ARD) associated with pyrrhotite in nickel deposits
(Supervisors: Dr. M Becker, Dr JL Broadhurst
Graduated: 2012

Oliver Johnston

MSc (Eng) Project title
A framework for evaluating energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions within South Africa’s mineral industry
(Supervisors: Dr B Cohen, Dr J Broadhurst)
Graduated: 2012