Fawzia Haeri

Fawzia Haeri's particular interest in the social dimensions of education led to the completion of her Honours thesis in 2011. Entitled ‘Cracked Heirlooms: Race, identity and the teaching of apartheid in four classrooms in the “new” South Africa’, her thesis considered how different members of South Africa's ‘born free’ generation understood and related to the apartheid history they learnt in the post-apartheid classroom.

Londi Gamedze

In her 2010 Honours dissertation, Londi Gamedze explored the relationship between truth and fiction in the fictionalised memoirs of JM Coetzee. The stories we tell of ourselves constitute the self, and we alter memories consciously and unconsciously all the time. But when they are brazenly falsified, to what self do we refer? In her MA in Literature at UCT, Gamedze is currently working on ideas of ambiguous racial identity in fiction from a 'new' South Africa.

Marlene Winberg

Marlene Winberg is a storyteller and author with a MA FA degree from the University of Cape Town. She was an active member of the APC between 2009 and 2013 when she focused her research on the !kun children’s textual and visual material in the Bleek and Lloyd collection.

Niklas Zimmer

Niklas Zimmer completed his Honours degree in Fine Art (sculpture) at the University of Cape Town in 1996, and his research MA(FA) on jazz photography (which interconnected reflections on Fine Arts, Social History and Music) in 2012. He also has a BA in Education from University of Cologne.

George Mahashe

Born around Bolobedu in 1982, George Mahashe first practised photography as an assistant to a local roaming photographer. With a B-Tech in photography, he has worked as a lecturer and practitioner in commercial photography, exhibiting his photographs and installations locally and internationally. He has since ventured into anthropology and fine art, exploring transgressions between photography, anthropology and artistic practice.

Saarah Jappie

Saarah JappieI was born in Johannesburg and raised in Sydney, Australia. After completing a Bachelor of International Studies in French and Indonesian Studies at the University of New South Wales, I returned to South Africa to explore my Cape Town roots.

Megan Greenwood

In 2011, Megan Greenwood completed her Masters in Social Anthropology, in which she explored the role of the past in the present, as brought to bear through St George’s Cathedral’s Crypt Centre for Memory and Witness. Her research documented the Crypt Centre’s research process towards an exhibition entitled Bearing Witness: The Story of the Cathedral Squatters. Based on the experience of 54 people who fasted in St George’s Cathedral in 1982, the exhibition was intended to provide a platform to address current socio-political questions.