Please submit all your Research Output to the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health Research Administration office on a continuous basis. These publications are then captured on IRMA, which form part of the Annual Research Report.


Training Requirements for Paediatric Specialist Registration

This programme trains medical doctors to become specialists and are appointed as registrars and follows a 4 year training programme after which they present themselves for the Fellowship of the College of Paediatricians examinations of South Africa  upon successful completion students are awarded the FCP(SA) qualification and are eligible for HPCSA Registration as a specialist.

Unit profile

The unit is permanently staffed by at least one doctor on the premises as well as a highly experienced paediatric orientated nursing staff: at day time there are 2 professional nurses in the resuscitation room as well as 2 professional nurses in the ward, assisted by 3 enrolled nurses or assistant nurses. At night time there is one professional nurse available, she is then assisted by 4 enrolled nurses or assistant nurses. A radiographer is also permanently on the premises.

Medical staff