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Summer School 2018 has its finger placed firmly on the pulse. The annual public education programme includes a session each with investigative journalist Jacques Pauw, founding member of Umkhonto weSizwe Ronnie Kasrils and former top-ranking government official in Nelson Mandela Bay Crispian Olver. These three events form part of a diverse programme, which includes lectures in the arts, humanities, science, history, philosophy and contemporary studies.

Invisible teachers: The tenuous circumstances of non-permanent staff who teach

Wed, 2017-12-06
13:00 to 14:00
Presenter: Shanali Govender Biography Shanali is a lecturer within the Staff Development unit at CILT. Although her teaching experience began in secondary education, a return to higher education to pursue her own studies prompted a shift to an interest in the higher education landscape. She has worked (in varying capacities) in three South African institutions of higher education, and has strong interests in the scholarship of learning and teaching. Her particular brief in the staff development team is to support part-time and non-permanent teaching staff, and runs a number of programmes and activities to support this, working also within departments and faculties on request. While continuing to work in the field of staff development at UCT, she is working towards her PhD, looking at discourses in the learning experiences of first year engineering students.        Seminar abstract While the casualisation of higher education is being increasingly documented and researched in the global north, structural aspects of the local context, including austerity measures and transformation imperatives are likely to produce patterns of casualisation that are different from those in developed contexts. These unique patterns are likely to impact in both positive and negative ways on research and teaching in local higher education. This presentation focuses on initial research at UCT on the experiences and contributions of non-permanent staff who teach (NPST) in relation to the learning and teaching focus of the university. Through an “audit” of HR data and a series of interviews, this research points to some of the possible consequences of casualisation for higher education in a local context.  


Professor Brian Raftopoulos, research director, Solidarity Peace Trust

This lecture will provide an understanding of the background to the November Coup 2017 event in Zimbabwe and the political contestations involved. It will also look at possible future implications of these events and their effects on politics in Zimbabwe and the SADC region. Finally the presentation will reflect on the legacy of the Mugabe era.


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