Poor living conditions and unemployment strongly linked to depression – UCT study reveals

Mon, 25 Jun 2018 - 11:39 -- 01448625
Mental Health

Individuals living in more deprived neighbourhoods in South Africa experience more depressive symptoms than their counterparts in wealthier neighbourhoods. This is according to a recent University of Cape Town (UCT) study published in the journal, BMC Psychiatry.

Social Media and the Dynamics of the City

Social Media and the Dynamics of the City
By Tanja Bosch  
Geotagged social media data can offer scholars new ways of analysing physical spaces and understanding how the design of those spaces influence human behaviour. Social media can be considered a mirror of the power structures and structures of exploitation and oppression that we find in contemporary society. The contemporary city can be considered as a media-architecture complex resulting from the proliferation of spatialized media platforms. The paper is premised on the notion of space as a socially...

Great Texts/Big Questions with Mishka Hoosen

“In exploring the breakdown of language due to trauma, a journey to ‘the far places’ of human experience, I want to examine the idea of love and desire, and how eros shapes this transformative process,” says writer Mishka Hoosen. “In looking at Call it a Difficult Night and other works, I want to examine the role of love in shaping and transforming language and understanding, and consider what that might say about our current state of transformation as a wounded country.”
Mishka Hoosen was born in Johannesburg. She graduated from Inter-lochen Arts Academy and...

Black Space Imaginaries in Environmental Education for Young Children

Black Space Imaginaries in Environmental Education for Young Children
Presented by Fikile Nxumalo
There is a gap, in both scholarly and pedagogical attention to Black childhoods in the field of environmental early childhood education in North America. The specificities of Black childhoods and Black geographies in environmental education are largely marked by absence and deficit salvation discourses. In response, the purpose of this paper is to articulate Black childhood futurities through creative imaginaries of Black space in...

Sociology Seminar: Ahmedabad: A city in the world

Amrita Shah, Writer and Visiting Fellow Johannesburg Institute of Advanced Study (JIAS)
At a time when India is moving towards a capitalist economy with the urban as its framework, Ahmedabad, the country’s fifth-largest city showcases the experience of a highly entrepreneurial society in one of India's longest surviving cities. Founded in 1411 by Ahmed Shah of the Gujarat Sultanate, Ahmedabad has been a trading post and a manufacturing centre for cotton textiles, a base for Gandhi after his return from South...

Black Archives and Intellectual Histories

Our speakers:
Grace A Musila is an associate professor in the English Department, Stellenbosch University.  She is the author A Death Retold in Truth and Rumour: Kenya, Britain and the Julie Ward Murder (James Currey/Boydell &Brewer, 2015); which explores Kenyan and British interpretations of the 1988 murder of British tourist Julie Ann Ward in Maasai Mara...