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Water crisis


Notice a water leak at UCT?
Please report it immediately to the 24-hour Maintenance Helpdesk - 021 650 4321/2.

Water is an increasingly precious resource. The region is presently undergoing the harshest drought on record. The dams and reservoirs feeding the municipality are at record lows. In response, the UCT executive has formed a Water Task Team that raises awareness of water-related issues and will put contingency plans in place. UCT has already started several temporary water-reduction strategies.

UCT aims to provide alternative water supplies from groundwater, treated effluent and desalination before Cape Town runs out of water, which is projected to happen around June 2018.

UCT urgently needs WATER CHAMPIONS

Water Champions can help to build water awareness and improve water management by:

Showering Printing and displaying water posters
Personal hygiene Displaying and updating videos and notices on monitors
Flushing your toilet Arranging discussions on water saving, reuse and alternative uses of water
Drinking water Encouraging applied research directed at improving water management
Cooking Collecting and distributing stories about what it means to be living in a city with a water crisis

Reuse water and reduce usage

Save water