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Dr Ryan Nefdt

BA(Hons) UCT MSocSc UCT MSc Amsterdam PhD St Andrews

Senior Lecturer

Winner of The Humanities Faculty Emerging Researcher Award, 2019

Areas of interest: Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Linguistics, Logic, Cognitive Science, African Philosophy

Current courses: 

PHI1024F: Introduction to Philosophy

PHI3024S: Metaphysics and Epistemology (with Dr Jack Ritchie)

PHI4015S / PHI5010S: Topics in Theoretical Philosophy 

Office: 3.07, Neville Alexander Building



Recent books:

The Philosophy and Science of Language - Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Publication Date: 2020


Recent Publications: 

  • Nefdt. R.M. 2020. A Puzzle concerning Compositionality in Machines. Minds and Machines, Vol. 30: pp 47-75
  • Nefdt, R.M. 2020. Formal Semantics and Applied Mathematics: An Inferential Account. Journal of Logic, Language and Information ​Vol 29(2), 221-253
  • Nefdt, R.M. 2019. The Philosophy of Linguistics: Scientific Underpinnings and Methodological Disputes. Philosophy Compass, Vol. 14, No. 12, e12636
  • Nefdt, R.M. 2019. The Ontology of Words: A Structural Approach. Inquiry, ​Vol. 62, Issue 8, pp 877-911
  • Nefdt, R.M. 2019. Infinity and the Foundations of Linguistics. Synthese [Special issue on infinite idealizations in science], Vol 196, Issue 5, pp 1671–1711
  • Nefdt, R.M. 2019. Why Philosophers Should Do Semantics (and a bit of syntax too): A reply to Cappelen. Review of Philosophy and Psychology, Vol 10, No.1: 243–256
  • Nefdt, R.M. 2019. Linguistics as a Science of Structure. In Form and Formalism in Linguistics, J. McElvenny (ed.), History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences, pp 175-196. Berlin: Language Science Press
  • Nefdt, R.M. 2018. Inferentialism and Structuralism: A Tale of Two Theories. Logique et Analyse, Vol. 61, No. 244: 489-512.
  • Nefdt, R.M. 2018. Languages and Other Abstract Structures. In Essays on Linguistic Realism, Behme, C and Neef, M (eds.) pp 139-184. John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam
  • Nefdt, R.M. 2016. Scientific Modelling in Generative Grammar and the Dynamic Turn in Syntax. Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 39(5): 357-394