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Selected Newspaper articles

“Should we grant moral veto to the hypersensitive?”, Cape Times, 2 March 2009, p. 9.


“Cultural value cannot justify cruel slaughter”, Cape Times, 17 November 2009, p. 9.


“To be, or not to be, in Tehran for World Philosophy Day event”, Cape Times, Thursday 11 November 2010, p. 13.


“How to end the culture of impunity”, Cape Times, Thursday 22 September 2011, p. 9.


“A legal right to die is long overdue”, Cape Times, Friday 4 November 2011, p. 11.


“Is hunting animals so much worse than eating them?”, Cape Times, Monday 25 November 2013, p. 9.


“A violation of academic freedom by any other name smells as sour”, Politicsweb, 22 July 2016.


“UCT: Capitulation isn’t working”, Politicsweb, 21 September 2016.


Academic climate change at UCT: An inconvenient truth, Politicsweb, 30 March 2017.


The Academic Freedom Farce at the University of Cape Town, Index on Censorship, 7 August 2017.


Mahmood Mamdani continues the academic freedom farce at the University of Cape Town”, Politicsweb, 10 October 2017.


“Kids? Just say no!” Aeon, 19 October 2017.


“Reprehensible Tweets: Why Prohibition is the Wrong Response”, Politicsweb, 13 November 2018.


“Is Extinction Bad?”, The Institute of Art and Ideas News, 19 December 2018.


“Why don’t academics address each other politely?” in Times Higher Education, 31 January 2019.

(This is a shortened version of the paper. The full version, under the title “Third Person Polite: In defence of more courteous reference”, can be found here.


A very strange invitation”, Politicsweb, 5 August 2019.


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