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Next Meeting

Date: Thursday 20 September 2018

Speaker: Dr Greg Fried (University of Cape Town)

Topic: Is Democracy Still a Good Idea?

Dr Fried has provided the following description of his talk:

Democracy, a political system in which the people at large hold power, is a cherished ideal in many regions of the world, and many people have fought and died to achieve it. Some contemporary thinkers, however, regard democracy as a deeply flawed system, one that entrusts crucial decisions to a mass of individuals who lack the unbiased expertise to make the right choices. These thinkers draw on a range of sources, from the work of ancient philosophers to recent failures and crises in democratic states. We will explore some current criticisms of democracy, and you will be asked how you might respond to these concerns.


Time and venue:  8pm in Lecture Theatre 1A, Neville Alexander Building.