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Date: Tuesday 23 May 2017

Speaker: Dr Ryan Nefdt (UCT)

Topic: What your language says about you

Dr Nefdt has provided the following information about his talk:

Language is one of the most essential and unique aspects of human experience. We communicate, negotiate and even seem to think in a language. Over the past 70 years, linguists and philosophers have made countless discoveries about the nature of natural
language. However, instead of discussing what language is or how it works, I want to present an exercise in reverse engineering. I want to talk about what language tells us about ourselves. I plan to pitch this discussion at both the broad theoretical level (e.g. what Universal Grammar says about us?) and at the more local level of what specifics of particular languages say (if anything) about the communities which use them everyday.

Time and venue: 8pm in Lecture Theatre 1A, Neville Alexander Building.