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Next Meeting

Here are details of the next meeting:

Date: Tuesday 13 August 2019

Speaker: Zak van Straaten (Former Professor of Philosophy, UCT)

Topic: The Philosophical Viewpoint of 21st Century Stoics.

Zak van Straaten will engage the following questions in his talk:

1. How do the beliefs of ancient Greek Stoics compare with the beliefs of 21st Century Stoics?

2. How do modern Stoics reinterpret the ancient Greek Stoics' viewpoint that Virtue Ethics should be consistent with (human or cosmological) Nature ?

3. What are the similarities between the fundamental beliefs of modern Stoics and Zen Buddhists?

4. What is the rational justification for modern Stoicism?

5. How come a Facebook page on modern Stoic beliefs attracts more than 7,000 likes?

6. Why do thousands of professional people attend the annual Stoic Week at the University of Exeter, or in London, New York City, Toronto or Athens?

7. Why has the American Army trained more than 1 million of its soldiers in the 21st Century to be Stoics?

8. Are there hundreds of millions of Stoics in Asia?

9. What is the most compact & consistent, rationally defensible, statement of the Philosophical Viewpoint of modern Stoicism?

Time and venue: 8pm in Lecture Theatre 1A, Neville Alexander Building.