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Sharing my data

Sharing data:

  • encourages enquiry and debate

  • promotes innovation and new ways of using data

  • leads to increased collaborations between data users and creators

  • increases transparency and accountability

  • enables scrutiny and validation of research output

  • encourages the improvement of research methods

  • reduces the time and cost spent on duplicating data collection

  • increases the impact and visibility of research

  • advances your academic ranking through increased coverage and citations

  • provides great resources for education and training

Where can I share my data?

A wide variety of information infrastructure are used in research disciplines worldwide and you are free to choose how your data will be shared.

The UCT Institutional Data Repository, powered by Figshare for Institutions, is available to all students and staff at UCT.

There are also many other online data repositories to choose from:

The UCT OSF (Open Science Framework) is an online platform that is made available to assist researchers with storing, aggregating, collaborating and sharing research data throughout research projects. You can use this platform to manage and work with the data that you create or collect during your research project, and to create the final, processed dataset that you might want to share on one of the repositories linked above.

Contact us for further assistance with sharing your data at UCT.

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