Philosophy of Race - a new undergraduate course

14 Apr 2014 - 16:45

The Department of Philosophy is extending its course offering in 2014 with the introduction of Philosophy of Race. This new second year course will be introduced as a second semester module in July 2014. 

The course, which will be taught by Dr. George Hull, will engage with issues in the philosophy of race, with a central focus on questions raised by the contemporary situation in South Africa, including: Morally speaking, does most of the Western Cape actually belong to the Khoisan? Does being indigenous (if that concept makes sense) give you certain moral rights? Has the achievement of legal equality liberated black people, or would true liberation require the rediscovery of a distinctive identity? What special responsibilities (if any) do formerly advantaged groups have today? 

As part of the first offering of the course, students will benefit from visiting international experts who include Professor Charles W Mills (Northwestern University) author of classics of The Philosophy of Race including: The Racial Contract and Blackness Visible. Mills will guest-lecture while he is here for the Social Equality Conference hosted by the Philosophy Department from 15-17 August 2014. Professor Miranda Fricker (University of Sheffield) will also lecture students. Her ideas of epistemic injustice will be drawn on in the course as part of a philosophical engagement with the Black Consciousness Movement. 

For more information on this and other Philosophy course, contact the Department or consult the undergraduate course pages on this website:/philosophy/undergraduate/courses#2045